Bad But Hilarious Things to Do in a Store

Published by in Humor
28th Sep 2010

1. super glue quarters to the ground

2. put boxes of condoms in a ladies shopping cart around with a towel cape on and say I’m batman come robin to the bat-mobile around trying to look as best as you can to have a seizure around with a towel roll challenging people to a duel

6.walk up to a staff member and tell them my butts not working

7.start fiddiling with the smoke detectors and when staff asks you what your doing say they were staring at me

8. walk in a already closed changing room and start screaming like youre having sex drip fake blood on the ground for good effect

  • Sudheer Birodkar

    Some easy ways to land at the mental asylum. I get the humour. Congrats for submitting this funny piece