Badass Swedish Graffiti!

Published by in Humor
22nd Aug 2015

Sweden is known for Ikea, Blondes, ABBA, SAAB, Volvo, Meatballs, Dalama Wooden Horses, Midnight Sun and Wickedly High Taxes. But did you know that a city called Sodermalm, is the 3rd Most Koolest, Hippest, Most awesome town in the Europe? Yup! Totally!..and this is one of the reasons why…It’s Badass Graffiti and Street Art!

Graffiti is known as the world’s greatest Art Movement! In Sodermalm, there are several open walls upon which people, both young and old, can express themselves artfully! This is where the the Street Artists through down, Graffiti style!! Its so Rad!

This is most definitely a breath of Colorful air from the Super Neat, Minimal, but Super Chic Swedish Streets!Shout out to Sodermalm! It really does Rock!