Balkan Humor #2

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16th Oct 2010

What is ”Vegetarian”?

Old indian word for ”bed hunter”.

Which viagra is the best?

Someone else wife.

How on Rusian you say ”error on net”?

Njet internet.

What means WTF?


Where is craziest fun for New Year?

In madhouse.

Whay Mexico has no olimpic team?

Because, everyone ho knows to jump,run or swim has run away to America?

What dog say when he see ornated Cristmas tree?

Finally they put light on my bathroom.

What is ”Rodeo sex”?

He lies on his back and she sit on him.And when she tell him she has AIDS,she tray to stay on him

for at least 5 min.

What is small,yellow in green field?

Japanese looking for bomb.

And what is small,yellow in air?

Same Japanese,faund bomb.

What is same whit onion and wallet?

When you open them you can’t stop cry.

  • Sheri Fresonke Harper