Banned Condom Advert

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14th Mar 2011

Banned condom advert.

I don’t usually laugh at these sort of adverts. They are usually pretty lame. You may find this one I’m about to show you quite lame. But it made me laugh. It’s  something we all seem to fail to do when moving into a new place. Especially if we are planning on christening every room with noisy sex.  Are the walls thick enough so that the neighbours won’t hear us?  Kind of funny, and although it’s not really the main priority when moving into a new place, it is an interesting factor.

This clip made me laugh.

Funny banned condom advert.

  • Borhan

    Too funny!

  • RoeHill

    Funny video. Sounds like she was testing the house’s appeal.


    good share

  • cyrenjan

    i don’t get it. anyway, nice one.

  • thestickman

    Gosh they are printing adverts ON condoms now! J’hear about this new thing??
    And just like other ads, you can stick ‘em where the sun won’t shine…

  • LeighAnne93

    I love banned adverts, they’re always the best!