Barbie Votes in the Mayor’s Election

It was election day in Doll Land. Barbie was so excited. “I’m going to cast a thousand votes for Ken. He’ll make a great mayor.”

Barbie had actively campaigned for her boyfriend, Ken. “He’s so handsome. If Ken doesn’t win, I’ll just die.”

There was a heavy turnout for the election. The Bratz girls wanted the Fonz to win.

“He’s so hip and cool,” said Cindy. “I would never vote for Ken. He’s just a muscle bound dud.”

Woody and Buzz Lightyear also voted. Woody liked Ken’s plain talk. Buzz liked the Fonz because he was so energetic and spacey.

By 8:00, the voting was over. The Beanie Babies counted the ballots and determined who was the winner. At 10:00, Betsy Wetsy made an announcement. “The vote was very close. I feel like crying. Our next mayor of Doll Land shall be the Fonz.”

Barbie was broken-hearted. Her boyfriend had lost. Poor Ken! She went to Ken’s campaign headquarters to be by his side. Ken took it all in stride. “I guess that I wasn’t cut out to be the mayor,” he told Barbie. “I’m not upset. I’m going to run for a different office.”

“What office is that?” Barbie asked.

Ken replied, “I’m running to be the next Governor of Dollywood.”

Barbie was very happy. “I always wanted to live in the Governor’s mansion.” Barbie immediately set to work on the new campaign. From this moment on, Barbie was to be known as Campaign Barbie.

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