Beautiful Weed Pictures

So I came up with an idea to share different kinds of weed plant pictures. These are pretty crazy looking. Imagine getting your hands on some of these?

Aren’t these gorgeous friggen plants?! I wish these were more common amongst the average dealers. I’d love to try all of these! Leave your thoughts below on these. Which one seems most interesting to you? Can you name any of the plants above? Which strain of weed not in this article do you like best? Leave the answers and what ever else below. Like and share this article if you enjoyed this. More will come if so :)

For the record – I do not own any of these photos. I found them through searching on different random websites and found them great to put in here so I did.


  • Man the bud in the pipe was purple. Never seen one like that before lol. Great work Ash. I always knew there was something about weed that makes it different from all the other “drugs”. in my country they are considered high risk drugs. But how stupid is that when thousands of people die cause of alcoholl and tobacco? Never heard a case of THC intoxication, death, or sickness. All I heard were good things, and the amazing anticancer proprieties it has. I guess the only disadvantage is its efects and the probable choices you will make when yer under influence. Other than that, I love it.

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