Become a High Earning Advice Columnist

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9th Feb 2012

Become an advice columnist.

You may wonder why I bother to come here to give you this advice. Good question!  None of us ever do anything without a good reason. My reason is that I have worked in this field for ages and retired from it.  Yet even though I have been out of this line of work for about twelve years I still get lots of people trace me, email me or phone me asking me how they can get into this line of work too.  They know I am retired and they know I am not interested in working anymore, yet they still expect me to sit there all day discussing it.  That makes no sense.   I decided it was a good idea to publish a few articles on the subject so that those who are truly interested will know what to do and hopefully this will stop them pestering my secretary to chat to me.  Yes I still have a secretary. I still own businesses.  But totally different businesses.   Advising people is great but having done it for many  years enough was enough and I needed a change.        If you really want me to advise you then try to trace me and find me,  but I promise you you will find it very difficult because truly I do not want to do this work anymore.  You would also find that you probably could not afford my fees!   Your best bet is to find someone who is less known, less experienced, less qualified and cheaper.  Plenty of those around.

As to how to get into this work – the do nots are do not forget that there are lots of people like you out there wanting to do this work.  I used to get people phone me or email me saying that they are longing to do this work and thinking that if they just told me that I had to hire them.   They would go on and on about how much they want to help people.  Well they can easily work as a volunteer for a charity if they want to do that.  That does not prove that they should get a very well paid job as an advice columnist writer.  So remember you are one of lots of people after the same job.  If you are not genuine and good it will not happen.         The people looking for staff are smart and experience. If you waffle on about how much you want to help people they have heard it all before many times and it means nothing to them.   If you can back it up by saying you do a lot of charity work they might listen more but still it does not prove you can do THIS job.

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There is one way you can get into this line of work that is virtually fool proof and costs nothing.  A lady who contacted me months ago told me that she had succeeded this way.  She saw this site when she wanted some good advice herself on behalf of her brother.  As she is a very bright lady she does not need to ask others for advice.  But her brother did.  In finding this place for him she found this job.  It is a busy agony aunt site. The only one run by a professional who charges per session. That is how good she is. She did a job interview and got the job.   If you really want this job and you are good this can be you.  Just go to the site and show them how good you are…… just click here on  –    advice columnist job

Become an advice columnist