Beerhead Does His Beer Dance ;)

Published by in Humor
17th Mar 2011

We all know drunk people are a blast, depending upon what type of drunk they are. This guy sure seems to be one of those “great drunks”. He’s a bit over weight and has his shirt off, it’s awesome that he doesn’t care, ha ha. He dances the way a girl in a music video for this song would, it’s hysterical! It’s the song called, “Rude Boy” by Rihanna. The video is pretty short, but funny as hell. It’s just streaming, so no downloads necessary. Just click the link below to view it and press play.

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  • Erin Miller

    After watching this I decided I need eye soap! It’s hilarious yes but now I definitely need eye soap. lol

  • neopisiva

    Good share!