Being Perfect

Something none of us ever get to feel. :)

No one can ever be perfect, no matter how hard they try. In fact, it seems like the people who look to be the most perfect and “put together” are also the ones who are actually falling apart and have absolutely no real control over anything except the image that they put out to people.

The image of perfection can apply to a person in many ways. And many people can see it in their peers in thousands of different ways. This is why our view of perfection is not only extremely hard to achieve, but also why it’s an image that is extremely distorted and detached from reality.

Perfection is made up of so many different pieces, and these pieces build up to create an illusion for all eyes to see. However, the image can be shattered by removing even one small, simple piece. Even the pieces that don’t seem important can be capable of ruining the placement of every other piece. They end up scattering as soon as the first piece is gone, and then the fall of perfection begins.

Tricking our minds to make ourselves feel better is perhaps the cruelest thing we can do. It causes so many issues in the future. Just because you feel great now does not in any way mean that you will feel the same later. You cannot be perfect. It’s not humanly possible. And the bad news is, if you’re reading this, you’re a human.

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