Best Cartoon?

Published by in Humor
25th Feb 2011

In my opinion, the best cartoon is probably Sponge bob. Although I like Family Guy, South Park, Futurama, American Dad, and many, many more. What is your favorite cartoon? I say Sponge bob, because all though it is more of a childs game, it is consistantly humerous.  I have listed some cartoons, but there are far more for you to decided from. These cartoons are mainly the more humerous ones that I enjoy watching. Family Guy is just like a stupid funny that is funny for their pointless jokes. South Park is funny, but it is also serious at times. Futurama is funny, and it’s type of humor is a humerous type, it is hard to explain. and American Dad is similar to Futurama. Please comment on what you think about these cartoons, tell me your favorite, and then tell me why. Thanks for reading.