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Best Comebacks for Short People

Published by sweetheartemelia in Humor
January 9th, 2011

Comebacks for a short person.

Grow some legs

Gosh….. your as short as you are in this photo!?

Why did you stop growng at five?

Uh…. did you forget your legs when you were being born?

Are they your legs or did two twigs get stuck up your ass?

How many times have you been knocked in the head? Because your legs seem to be pushed down shorter….

Did you notice that your short enough to fit in the McDonald’s play areas?

I know why your mad… ahaha, because the lady at the show didn’t let you on the ride because your too short!!

Your lucky an ant never squashed you

Are ALL the people in your family as short as you?

Your lucky your so short, you don’t have to have the worry about having friends.

Does being short affect your brain span too?

Is your spine REALLY half the size of a child’s?

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