Best Door to Door Salesman Ever – Warning Extremely Funny

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15th Nov 2011

November 14, 2011: To be honest, I am only posting this video here so I know where to find it, because this guy is so funny.

His name is Kenny Brooks. Not anyone famous, just a door to door salesman for Advantage Wonder Cleaner. Kenny will tell you about the product. As he explains, listen to him rattle off those jokes. Some go by so rapidly, I had to watch the video several times.

As far as I or the other sites covering this video can tell, it is not a put on. Kenny really is a salesman, though the person who shot this video said they asked Kenny to entertain at a party they were having.

Though this video was originally posted February 16, 2010, it started its resurgence yesterday (11/13/2011).

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Enjoy the Best Door to Door Salesman Ever

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  • Edyta N. Tehrani

    Some people have a talent :)

  • KittyK

    Send him down here – I need my windows washed badly!!!

  • Aroosa Gloomy

    Great share Martin dear.

  • Vicky247

    Excellent share thanks………


    A brilliant effort

  • wonder

    Seeing is believing! Best salesman ever.