Best Excuses for Incomplete Homework

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11th Dec 2009

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It does’nt matter if you’re in High School or Primary or maybe you could just give these tricks to someone who is in school if you don’t go to one anymore, this is where you’re gonna find what to do if you were busy watching WWE on TV or maybe one of the Terminator movies and just could’nt do the piles of Home assignment your lousy old teacher gave you!

Well to start with you should identify what type of a person your teacher is and then try and understand what excuses might work him or her. Suppose if your teacher is pretty old then maybe you could try and test his or her memory and save you were’nt present on the day the homework was given(the date when the homework was given also matters!). Well if you know he or she has a good memory then maybe you can try to look sad and overcome with emotions and say that your notebook was missing and you were trying to find who had taken it. Then maybe after a few days you could tell the teacher that you had borrowed it to a friend who forgot to return it!

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Another Excuse can be the one in which your dog ate your homework but its an old one so it does’nt work anymore. If you know that your teacher is a total jerk then you can try and just say that you feel sick and put your head down! If you know your teacher is an even bigger jerk then you can just bunk that class(just make sure that no one finds out!). Another good way of dealing with you wrathful teacher could be writing a false note and say that its written by a guardian and make false signature, and write on it that you were having a severe headache and had to go to a doctor or some similar crap! Just enjoy the wonders of modern technology at home and have fun. Finally I ‘d like to say that if you’re a teacher and  just read this I want to tell you that I respect teachers a lot and I hope you did’nt mind some pretty bad words about you guys in this article!

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