Best Things to Do When Your Bored

Published by in Humor
20th Sep 2009

Ok so your on the sofa bored as hell and there is NOTHING to do!

Well I have your solution people :) read on!

1. Prank call your best friend

2. Try to climb a tree

3. Make cookie dough and eat it ALL by yourself

4. Imagin your pet is a lion

5. Prank call yourself

6. Ding dong ditch your next door neighbor

7. Go to the park and act like a dog infront of all the other people

8. Gain 5 kilos in 5 minuites

9. Loose 5 kilos in 5 minuites

10. Draw a self portrait

11. Eat a live bug

12. Roll around int he dirt

13. Pretend its 1400

14. Try to run your block in 40 seconds

15. Buy a slinky!

16. Buy a Rubix’s cube

17. Try to make/beat a world record

18. learn to say “I love waffles!” in 10 diffrent languages

19. Meet 50 people in 5 minuites

and lastly :}

20. try to fit in a cardboard box ^^!!

Well I hope that you all have alot of fun doing these things!

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