Between Extrovert and Introvert – The Middle Ground

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16th Nov 2015

For sanity’s sake and to keep from going down the drain take a good stand on what I call the middle ground. There is a safe place for brave people and a place for scared people but the best place for all people with hope and without hope is the solid spot of the middle ground. There is peace and good will. Also a job that is always providing the prosperity and joy for all who stand on the middle ground.

It is said and it was also sung years ago if you take the high road I’ll take the low road but the sayings and the songs that embraced those ideas soon played out and went no wheres. But the truth of the matter is this. Everyone who stands between the extrovert idea and the introvert idea stand od solid hard rock never give in and never is dis appointed by false promises or anything unsure. Some people may be an Ambivert. Sometimes social, sometimes a loner but Ambiverts are all good workers especially in the retail sales business. 

There is a satisfying position that can give you every thing that you desire. Some find themselves standing on what has really been key for many hurting people who hope for solid footing. They stand on the middle ground of the security that even the best minded individuals fail to find. It is the middle ground of hopes, dreams, security, love and happiness. You can have it too if you just listen in-tentatively and stand on this promise that I have found to be the good stance between being an extrovert and an introvert per se.  

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In my next article I am going to reveal a secret that every heart Long’s for and I promise you that all that your little mind can take in will be in it. O. K? GOT GO NOW BEFORE I AM DISCOVERED BY THE PEOPLE WHO ARE IN THE WHITE COATS CATCH ME. I have to run and hide in the middle ground. Bye for now!