Beware of What You Say in The Presence of Kids

1. Father warns the child-look, there is a guest we expect shortly. You are in no way going to comment on his nose, do you understand?

The guest arrives.

Child meets guest and blurts out-dad, you asked me not to comment on his nose, but I see he hardly has one!

2. Guest calls, [a formal visit] waits awhile, chatting with the child.

Host enters.

Child exclaims-mom, weren’t you in a ridiculous outfit just before? Now I see that you have changed.

3. The older sibling was expecting a friend and asked her mom to prepare a large meal.

The friend is shy and takes a small quantity.

The younger sibling tells the older one-didn’t you tell us the other day that your friend is used to taking unusually large helpings at home? But here I see she is hardly taking anything!

 4. Parent nicks off some red pepper from the garden while the landlord is away.

Their kid reports the incident immediately to no other but them as soon as they return.

 5. Dad says to his child-look this is Mr. X, call him uncle.

Child- oh! isn’t he the one you were referring to mom as ‘x the fool, and something more?

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