Bill O’reilly Goes Nuts!

Published by in Humor
1st Mar 2012

Yes, . . . we’re all heard about it. Some of us have actually seen it. But we’ve never seen it quite like this. A very inventive and talented Youtuber has not to recently put together this great dance remix of the Bill O’Reilly meltdown leak from a couple yrs ago, coutesy of when Bill was on Inside Edition. A particular incident happened one fateful day, as I’m sure happened many, many times with mr. O’Reilly back in the hayday, it just had the good fortune for us, to be while they were taping. Well it eventually surfaced on the web, like everything does and it’s a laugh riot. I often wonder what emotions Bill goes through as he watches those clips. But whether you like him or not, you ca’nt deny his star power and ability to draw a crowd. Or certainly make a scene. Just a little warning, this video does have graphic language, so viewer discretion is certainly advised. Ladies and gentlemen, without futhur ado . . . mr. Bill O’Reilly!!