Bizarre Drinks – Deer Penis Wine Working as a Wonder Medicine

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7th Jan 2011

You may have heard about weird and bizzare food and drinks about knowing about them would have made you say, “Ewww” or “Yuck!” but I have come here with another one, but I am not sure how you’re gonna reaction by this bizarre drink, that is the Deer Penis Drink.
The Deer Penis drink is traditionally  a Chinese drink which is used as a medicine  deer penis, That is said to be drank with alcohol. This deer penis drink is soaked in alcohol and then consumed and  is said to be very effective a remedy for athletic injuries.

As you know Chinese wines are very strong, and hence even this drink, that is strong and is not a drink that you would enjoy drinking. I would be difficult to sip the drink due to its strong taste.

So, now if this makes you curious so try having and tasting it, with a large jar made up of glass, with the drink with the large porn-star sized deer penis in the drink, prepare to be ready with around $9 for this drink.

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