Bizarre Laws

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18th Sep 2009

         Here are a list of some very bizarre laws! Of course, some of these laws are outdated, but I still found them to be amusing.

       1. Because of an Act in 1760, you cannot put pretzels in a bag in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

        2. You are not allowed to look at a moose from an airplane in Alaska.

       3. You are not allowed to imitate an animal in Miami, Florida.

       4. No one is allowed to have a pair of pliers in their possession in Texas.

       5. No woman is permitted to drive her car while in her housecoat in California.

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       6. In the state of Georgia, a barber is not allowed to advertise his prices.

       7. No baseball team is permitted to hit the ball out of the ballpark or over the fence in Oklahoma.

       8. The law is, you must take a bath once a year in Kentucky.

      9. All birds have the right of way on the highway in Utah.

      10. You must have a license to keep a bear in Ohio.

      11. You are not permitted to jump off any bridge in Providence, Rhode Island.

      12. You are not permitted to drive buffalo through the street in the state of Kansas.

      13. You are not allowed to sale a bologna sandwich on Sunday in Tennessee.

      14. It is completely forbidden to put any livestock on a school bus in Florida.

      15. You are not allowed to sell cabbage on Sunday in New Jersey.

      16. It is against the law to leave chewing gum in public places in Cleveland, Ohio.

      17. You are not allowed to put tomatoes in clam chowder in Massachusetts.

      18. It is not permitted for dogs and cats to fight in North Carolina.

      19. You are not allowed to pick up and reuse confetti in San Francisco, California.

      20. You are not permitted to walk through a hotel lobby with spurs on in Phoenix, Arizona.

      21. You are not permitted to spread false rumors in Georgia.

      22. You can go to prison if you cook sauerkraut or cabbage because of their odor in West Virginia.

      23. To shave a man must have a permit in Missouri.

      24. If you steal cattle, you will be sentence to hang in Texas.

      25. It is forbidden for children to pick up cigarette or cigar butts in New York.

  • Mystify

    Great article,very interesting and entertaining! Why in the world would having a pair of pliers be illegal anywhere? Sheesh and just to think I wanted to drive buffalo through the streets of Kansas one day,now there’s my dream shot to hell lol

  • Darla Smith

    Those are bizzare laws.

  • giftarist

    Nice research and very interesting!

  • McRuff

    Well I guess it’s good that you can’t spread rumours Georgia, but where would you be without tomatoes in chowder!