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31st May 2011

Once upon a time, there was a teacher. He was talented and had a high social status. This man was two-faced: on the one hand, he liked very much to hear rose waters, on the other hand, he showed a deep abhor to the apple-polishers.

One day, his two students visited him. These two students all have some experience in officialdom and they knew very well of their teacher, so the conversation went on very smoothly and cheerfully.

After discussing about some things, the teacher began to criticize current affairs: this world is decaying. The sycophants are popular, while the true talented ones can put their knowledge into use. So many people are yearning for others’ praise and flattery. I really look down on this kind of person.

The students understood their teacher’s meaning instantly. One of them stand up and said with cap in hand: what you said is true, but in this corrupt society, there are too few people who can be as pure as you?

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Upon hearing this, the teacher was very happy. And after the students left the teacher’s house, the one who apple polished their teacher said to the other: you see: flattery has been successfully sent to him again. 

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  • Sebastian Onciu

    Very meaningful story!

  • KittyK

    What a lovely story….thanks for sharing!

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    Very thoughtful and learning based story thanks for sharing

  • Cassle Tang

    LOL! At first I didn’t know what apple-polishers are, but at last I could understand the whole story! Thanks my dear friend, for this valuable life lesson I got today. And oh, sorry I haven’t replied the email because I’m working on a short story for you to read. :) LOL :D


    Excellent write up

  • kanivel

    A nice story. Persons who don’t like flattery are very rare nowadays.