Blind Truth

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10th Sep 2010

Take away the skin, of anyone and you’ll see the same thing under the cover. A person, who if, we didn’t have a skin complexion we would mostly call a friend.

Only, the honest are brave enough to admit that they racist and based many, of their associates and friendship around the color they feel more comfortable with. To test this theory notice , how people will skip a seat, if the next one in place isn’t, of your skin tone. Why? It mostly likely because, of the color, of their pigmentation.

What we should know about anyone is their heart? But, many times it’s their skin tone that hold back us, from finding a true friendship. It a strong based individual, who’s able to go against the norm and step out against others views and stay friends, with someone, of the opposite color.

Just like we can name the many color, of the rainbow. Is soughta like the way, we should be able to call a friend. Sometimes good friendship isn’t established because, we afraid , of others stop being friends with us.

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Many blind friendship isn’t based on color, but the voice because many times they will admit that-they voice couldn’t predict the race you thought they was. We see this in music, where many acts was thought to be one thing and turned out to be another.

The blind truth is the real truth to admit friendship is based on the person and not the skin, but the heart. Because, it’s the pigmentation that keeps us apart.

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