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Before anyone goes ahead and judges me for my personal opinions just remember that unless your bones turn to gold instead of dust when you die you have no room to hate on me. Lately I have been doing a lot of thinking about my life and realize there are more things that annoy me in this world than the average person. I mean that may be a red flag of some kind of mental disorder. Most of these are things that bug me about other people but I can be found guilty of the same thing. I will not be revealing which things though. Side note, these are in no particular order I just need to get them off of my chest.

Peeve #1

People who tell me how to train/raise my dogs. I understand there are many poor ignorant people who believe that an animal is not truly happy unless they are extremely obidient. Now, call me crazy but I am fairly certain my dogs are in no way miserable sleeping on the couch and being mischevious. I do not walk into your house and tell you how to raise your children do I? Please do not tell me how to raise mine, four legged or otherwise. The next person I find guilty of this is going to find out I am more than capable of handing out reprimands. There is a difference between giving me helpful tips and straight out telling me what to do. I you may believe my dogs are horrible gaurd dogs because they greet everyone with a wagging tail and drooling tongues. I invite you to learn the hard way and pretend you are going to cause me harm, I will not be held responsible for what happens next. Hopefully all those opinions you are full of will help you.

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Peeve #2

Those who use thier social networks to make fun off the dead/suicidal/bullied and less fortunate. Trust me there are times when we all want to mock someone, especially if we know this person. In fact it is easy to critiscise those we do not know because of the very fact that we do not know them. I find this act disgusting. We are all guilty of cracking jokes about the outcasts of society but I am really finding it disturbing so many people can do this so publicly for all to see. I have already removed several people for the continuous and large amounts of slamming people. I can only imagine how proud their parents, grandparents or even younger children must be to look at your post and brag about being in your lives. Please do not mistake me for trying to snub people for using freedom of speech. This is not my intention at all. All I am simply saying is it is alright to speak your mind, lets just try to do it in a semi-classy sense.

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