Blogging is Like a Seduction (And Invites Cheating?)

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2nd Feb 2013

At this writing, there are hundreds of millions of blogs online through out the world. There are about 30 to 40 million English language blogs. In Triond, there may be tens to tens of thousands of people who opened the stall and many of them regularly writes every day. That is, when making a post and publish to the virtual world, you will be competing with thousands and even millions of other bloggers that also publishes writings.

Therefore you need to seduce that readers come to our stall and read the paper. It is not easy, because it could be targeted readers who already has a boyfriend. They’ve got a stall or your favorite blogs that you visit regularly. So you must do something so that potential readers would stop at the stall affair and yours.

What should be prepared so that the reader want to stop by and make your affair? To be prepared is the same with you we want to dating (again) in the real world. What is it?

1. Smart

Many people who like going out with a guy or girl that smart. Insightful. That speech can be disconnected. So to be ogled, posts made should be useful. Must be able to provide lessons in a smart way. Must be able to provide comprehensive and unambiguous. So, if needed, to complete writing data. If you need to do a little research. As research material, you just need to ask Google.

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2. Humorous

Many people who like going out (or cheat) with a humorous figure. That can be refreshing atmosphere. That could turn up the monotony. So if possible, insert an element of humor in the writing. Humor can be a distraction, especially if the topic was heavily discussed. But do not overdo it. Humor is just as inserts. Too many jokes will make writing a Animashaun. Even tacky. Because the fact is, even though a lot of people who like going out with humorous figure, very few comedians who want to marry. So do not ever be a comedian in your writing.

3. Trendy

Definitely a lot of people who want her boyfriend (or spouse affair) trendy. That looks up to date. Girlfriend who looks old school relic alias will only embarrass. In writing, make sure you know the latest developments on the topic that occupied, or general policies. Strive to keep updating information that is not out dated.