Body Language, Sign Language..

I have a habit of carrying a small pocket notebook whenever I travel abroad to a country where English is not understood.

Same old language problem…..

While traveling to a country in Eastern Europe I faced the problem which became an amusing incidence…

Strolling around, window shopping, I got tired and bored, so just wanted to sit down and relax.

I saw a beautiful woman seated on a bench. I went close to her and said “Hello”….in return I got a smile and a signal to sit down. We saw each other and  exchanged smiles….I was feeling happy that I had some company. With nothing to talk about, I took out my notebook and drew a wineglass indicating an offer for a drink. She saw, nodded and smiled. We got up and went to the nearest bar where we had drinks.

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I was constantly getting smiles from her. I grabbed my notebook and drew a plate, a knife and a fork. I could see the prettiest smile; even she hugged me and gave me a peck on my cheek….

So she had accepted my invitation for a lunch.

We went to a nearby restaurant, had a sumptuous lunch. During this time we constantly stared at each other…

I could see a gleaming smile in her dreamy eyes…..a kind of gratitude.

Sipping coffee, she lovingly touched my hand and motioned me for the notebook and pen. I thought she would write her name, address, contact number etc or a note of thanks in her language…

She took the notebook and drew a bed in it…..

I was amazed…just taken aback…

How the hell did she find out that I was a carpenter …?     


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