BoJack’s Perfect Burrito

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The perfect BoJack burrito tastes great always, and has some meat for protein.

What you’ll need:

  • About five bucks
  • Some clothes and shoes
  • An appetite
  • The ability to walk a few blocks

Here’s what you do:

First thing is to go outside. Next walk to the local taco shop. Then order your burrito. After this, wait about five minutes, and the burrito will be done.

Next, simply walk home, sit down, and commence eating. See how simple that was? I told you it would be delicious. Now share this recipee with all of your friends. Find this and other great recepies at the BoJack School Of Culinary Arts. Paid for by BoJack Express Industries.


  • Bo
    You and my nephew think alike. I suggest a pot luck this Sunday night, He quickly decided he would have to cook something and inticed me with a nice juicy pizza at the most fabulous pizza parlour in this neck of the woods….all expenses paid. Your recipe was a delight, and looks fail proof. I am a little closer to taco shops around here than poor Karen on the Canadian Prairie, the Rogue River Valley seems to have taco places coming up like mushrooms. A wonderful very funny post. Thanks for the smiles.

  • But Bo, there is no burrito shop in my little town on the Canadian prairies. And I can’t walk even one block, let alone the 273 1/2 miles to the nearest Taco Bell.
    Life just isn’t fair! I had no eggs to make crunchy egg surprise (and I don’t think powdered eggs have been available since world war II), I have the wrong brand of paper towels for the power breakfast, and now I have no burrito shop to make this recipe. I think I need a new cookbook. The BoJack school of culinary arts is beyond my abilities!
    On a more serious, or at least more realistic note, we had 12 of my eldest daughter’s closest friends over for supper a couple of weeks ago, and I was serving burritos. I’ve almost always got several packages of burrito shells in the cupboard, so I failed rule #1 of Karen’s Kulinary Kreations: always check the cupboards for ingredients before you plan the menu. I sent the kids to the nearest 7 Eleven to buy burrito shells, but alas, they don’t sell them there, and the grocery stores all close at 6 on Sunday evenings. (yes, people on the prairies are expected to sleep and not shop at night). Then Handsome and Handy Hubby came to my rescue! He searched the net for a burrito shell recipe and came up with one, he mixed the ingredients and made burrito shells that were way better than the ones from the store. Hubby saves the day!!! Moral of the story: keep Hubby. They might come in handy one day.

  • Now you’ve really got me missing Cali. We have Taco Bell’s in Ohio but no “real” taco shops or taco trucks like you have in California. Have one for me.

  • trick! I thought you know how to make it—, u just stated your own recipe and procedure by how you will get and eat ur Buritos!

    Your funny!

  • I think this is a great litmus test for a writer to know if people are really reading their recipe articles or just passing through and leaving an e-z comment score. Lol!

    Great job!

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