Bom Chicka Wah Wah: 15 Sexy Funny Axe Commercials

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10th Aug 2008

One of the most powerful advertisement idea in the business, “Sexy yet Funny”. Let us admit it, We really much affected by those Axe commercials, We buy or use Axe products because we believe in those commercials. But wait, let us being honest to our selves, not all of Axe scent isn’t that mind blowing, we are just being influenced.

But I admit I’m also Axe user, lol!… And I really enjoy watching those commercials, Here are some sexy and funny Axe commercials:

Black Woman Bom Chicka Wah Wah

If I am the guy, and if that girl did it to me, I would be scared.

Nice Girl Turned Naughty – Guilty On Courtroom.

Even nice girl could turn in a seductive naughty girl with Axe. Yah it’s true! lol.

Girls Dancing With Nude Guy

This one is a banned commercial from Belgium.- Parental Guidance, kids call your mom to guide you.

Axe in Paris

Paris women are expected to be a class and glamorous ladies. But watch this let we see what will gonna be happen.

Showerman in Argentina

There is a superhero in Argentina named “Showerman”, and his only weakness is the Axe spray. Like Superman’s kryptonite.

Sweetest Commercial of Axe, Just Watch.

Axe Dark Temptation

Guys warning: This is true, this Axe product can turn you in a chocolate in the eyes of the females. Beware or you will be eaten.

Axe on Dentist Office

The government should make a law that Axe product will be prohibited for the professionals who handle female patients or costumers. Watch these why.

Axe Touch

This one is the coolest axe product ever made. If you use this you will have a power of levitation. Believe me.

Axe Effect on Japan

Anybody in the world, doesn’t care who you are, doesn’t care where you from. You can’t escape from the power of Axe.

Bad Effect of Axe

Females will do anything even it is bad, Just because of Axe scent.

Axe University

But did you know that the Axe Company has a school? Offers (BSAM) Bachelor of Science in Axe Models. Lol.

Axe in Africa

Even teacher can’t fight the scent. It is really powerful.

Axe in Germany

Caution: Don’t use Axe spray for your clothes, Females will surely steals it.

Axe Total Effect

Axe has a powerful Scents, that even anywhere you are in the world, Even too far you are, you can smell it.

  • Fredrich L.

    I like the Axe in Paris Com. lol!

  • Liezl Margott

    You’re right, Axe is one of the most powerful commercial, beacause it’s hot!

  • Mystical Whitewolf

    Great article,,,, you do know what sales. LOL

  • The Quail

    This is just simply funny! Well done my friend.

  • acecampillo

    I like axe commercials..hehe
    Great article!