Bonk Swizzle Yippee Kee NOM Lolwut Sandwich Disorder

Did that confuse you? It did? Then why did you click this article? I mean, what did you expect to see? Clearly it didn’t meant anything. What if I would’ve entitled it “Interesting titles attract more viewers”? I would have less views while the title was crystal clear about the subject?

So here you are, reading some psychological nonsense about weird titles. But if the title wouldn’t be weird you would probably not read this at the moment.

Give your articles a weird name and you’ll get more viewers. Basic psychology. How does it work? I don’t know.

Probably because you expect something funny. This is not funny. Let’s change that.

Did that help? Probably not. I suppose it confused you even more. How about this.

And this? Weird, isn’t it? Then why did you laugh? Admit, you thought it was funny. Why? Because it makes no sense.

So what did we learn?

As long as something is funny, it works.


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