Published by in Humor
1st Sep 2010

BORED ANYONE? is an actual website that is for the boringest of all of boredom times for the boredly bored people. Ha! It’s a website dedicated to useless, random games, videos, and other internet enjoyments that will fill your boredom needs! You don’t need to make an account to use the site, but it is an option. The website has been around for years, but not many know of it! Who really thinks of typing in “”. Ha – I did! So when your bored, and really have nothing else to do – how about shooting some dummys or watching some twisted videos?! The website I’d say is not for kids. It does have some material that wouldn’t be suitable for young children.

  • Marie Milton

    thankfully I’m never that bored :) )

  • Eldridge

    Hmm… I’m never bored when it comes to drinking and writing… simultaneously.

  • Kaye TM

    thanks for the share. =p

  • Erin Miller

    Cool! I’ll remember this from when I am especially bored. lol

  • Ubel Ein

    I’m not bored right now… I’m on a mission!