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2nd Nov 2011

Boredom is essentially a condition of the mind.  Some people even while doing nothing keep themselves so much busy in thoughts that they are not at all bored.  Imagine the political prisoners like Gandhiji, Jawaharlal Nehru, Rajaji, Veer Savarkar, Tilak and others who in the solitude of the British jails spent their time in useful thoughts.  They even produced some of the best pieces of the world’s literature.

In olden days men of high rank used to either engage in wars or enjoy in hunting or fishing.  In the off seasons the farmers used to sit round log-fire, sing and dance.  People went on pilgrimages which were more like picnics than act of devotion.

Even today people celebrate festivals like Holi, Dussehra, Deepavali, Ganesh Chaturdhi, Christmus, Id etc. with great enthusiasm to keep boredom away. Pastimes like playing cards, chess, carom, billiards, tennis and golf etc. engage people to some extent.  Most fascinating to get rid of boredom is browsing internet.

In order to get rid of boredom, a person should be actively interested in all things around him or her.  One should develop contacts with people so that there is useful exchange of all that is worth knowing.  One should try to change one’s way of working, living, eating, dressing etc. to avoid boredom in life.

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Pursuing hobbies like  painting, drawing, reading, writing articles is an excellent way to overcome boredom.  Modern science is partly responsible for the boredom in our lives.  We have lot of leisure which we do not know how to use.  We have TV, Video Games and several other things to entertain and recreate us.  But these only help us to pass time and do not give the inward satisfaction which humans  require.

One is required to explore avenues that can engage physically and mentally and leaves no time to feel bored, instead of wasting time on something worthless!


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    Boredom is awful. Some good ideas.

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