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17th May 2011


Couldn’t think of anything, didn’t want to think of anything, there were so many better things  to do but he still had to finish his work, it would only take half an hour, not even maybe 10 minutes to do his home work but he just couldn’t get motivated. All his friends were already done their work, why wasn’t he done, why wasn’t he out with his friends having fun instead of sitting in his room thinking of ideas, well, because he was bored and once he got bored he could never get anything done. Teachers had tried to help him, using techniques to get his creativity going, his parents had tried as hard as they could to get him to do his work and hand it in on time but there was no way once he got into his trance-like state of boredom. It was a curse, the curse of his generation to have such a short attention span and an even smaller area of interest.

One day, the day before he had to hand in his short story to his teacher he decided, “you know what, I am going to beat this tyrannical, villainous curse of boredom. I will finish this story on time”. And so he stayed up all night thinking and thinking of ideas hoping that they would come to him, he went on websites looking for interesting topics or ones that he could be proud of and not feel ridiculous writing about, but eventually he began to grow tired and with that came the disastrous boredom, he fought it off for 10 minutes, 20 minutes but he couldn’t fend it off any longer. He gave in, he left his room at 9 o’ clock at night and went to play his favorite video-game, something he knew could cure his incessant boredom. He played and got so sucked into the game that he lost track of time, when 11 o’ clock came around he became very worried that he would break his promise to himself and not be able to finish his story so he thought and thought and thought even more until eventually, he came up with the best idea the world had ever seen. It was so creative he hardly believed it was his own, after so many years of boredom and lack of creativity he had it, the king of story ideas, the master piece of his own imagination, he would do a story… on boredom.

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At first his words flowed from one into the next with a beautiful storyline and an amazing vocabulary, he thought “mine will be a short story to be remembered for the ages” he wrote and wrote keeping his ideas coming and his stream of words were so fast that it almost seemed as if he would never stop, it was 2 o’ clock by the time he came to the four hundred word mark and he looked upon his book with a profound, a profound feeling, he could barely describe it but then he realized, “wow, I am so