Bowl Games That Were Never Meant to Succeed

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13th Feb 2008

College bowl games are fun to watch. There is so much tradition behind them. Classics like the Rose Bowl, Orange Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Cotton Bowl, and the Fiesta Bowl are very entertaining. The half time shows are spectacular. The only problem with bowl games is that there are too many of them. Here is a list of bowl games that never became classics:

  1. The Toilet Bowl

    It just wasn’t meant to be flushed with success.
  2. The Hemroid Bowl

    It was always at the bottom of the list of popularity.
  3. The Algae Bowl

    It was seen as being too organic for it to grow into a winner.
  4. The Bald Headed Bowl

    Very limited appeal although it had a rabid following.
  5. The Kiwi Bowl

    It was just too ugly to overcome the inner performances.
  6. The Artificial Sweetener Bowl

    It didn’t have enough natural appeal.
  7. The Yo Yo Bowl

    It had too many ups and downs for it to gain any stature with the public.
  8. The Polyester Bowl

    It was good for awhile, but never quite blended in with the other bowls to become a leader
  9. The Radish Bowl

    The rivalries were bitter, but so were the fans.

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