Brain Fusion

Published by in Humor
14th Apr 2013

     Even right now there’s still this magnitude that draws me to the center without moving so I can merely be close without touching the ‘object of my affection.’       Longing ache like sensation at simple closed eye momentum of the escapade such ‘past tense’ yet in the now sense of still longtivity has and still been tranquility.     Perhaps only oxtocin like in emotional standstill thrill but ill take it.  It works and there is no need to engage me neurochemical mumbo jumbo talk, I get it and in fact it’s a whole lot of chemical reactions and assortment of ‘things’ corrupting my noggin and seeping within the seeped seeking agents.

     NFC and my limbic system are good explanations when trying to dissect such a silly notion of typical ooh ahh behavior and to end typical magical associations which only exist in chemical formation and the power of touch exuberates the thrill and the deepening euphoria needed to accept such a dream as reality.