Brave Movie Review

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23rd Jun 2012

Hello readers and movie lovers, today TheTalk has a special movie review for Disney Pixar’s long awaited 3D animated actionadventure, and a slight bit comedic movie. Now, are you thinking about watching “Brave” anytime soon? Well, here’s a review by me! Oh, I’m Alan Green, a movie reviewer for TheTalk. I love to watch movies, and I love to review them. Sharing my opinion to help other movie watchers have an enjoyable experience watching the movies they love in theaters is my passion! Writing… Eh, I don’t like it. I love to watch TV and movies! Heh, I’m just joking. I love to share my opinion while I blog.


Summary: In Scottland, a skilled female archer named Merida is struggling to be the way her High Queen mother, Elinor, expects her to be. She doesn’t like to wear the tight dresses her mother forces her to wear, and she doesn’t want to get married to some man that wins an archery contest. Trying to make things better, Merida makes a reckless choice that unleashes chaos into the kingdom of Scottland, and now she must make things right again.

“Brave” has a little bit of comedy, which is very cheesy humor, unfortunately… Most of the humor was pointed at King Fergus and her little brothers, but honestly, I didn’t laugh once during the showtime at the theater, and I’m pretty sure nobody else did, either. I’m just being honest here. If you found it funny, well, I’m glad you’re open to all senses of humor!

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Some of the elements in the movie are new. The Scottland theme has never been done before by Disney, and it sets a new theme for the movie, even though the plot was a cliche’ and boring one. Yes, it’s true, but I’ll have to admit that Merida and the rest of the Scottish people has a pretty cool accent!

So the plotline: One word. CHEESY. I know I’ve used that word to describe the humor, too, but it’s just the one word I keep pulling out of my mind! I couldn’t pay attention during the movie. Disney action movies are never well created. It was a bore to know that Merida was obviously going to win this thing.

SCORE: 410

The movie was a “boring but alright” kind of movie. Disney isn’t good with putting humor into action movies, and they can’t make action movies overall. Pixar used to be something special, but they’ve been going down lately, and Brave is just another thing leading them to the dumpster.

Why This Scoring?

It was a cliche’ and boring storyline. They tried their best to make it humorous, but their humor couldn’t get a single chuckle or laugh out of me. Not even a giggle. Nobody laughed in the entire theater! Pixar, I’m glad you’re bringing our favorite humor back: Despicable Me. Despicable Me 2!

Excited for Desbicable Me 2, I am! But for now, this is a Brave review, and it was pretty much boring and awful. Pixar was better at a time. One of THE worst Pixar movies out there. Sorry to say that, but I know it’s true, and so do my friends who came along to the movie. That’s just the way it’s going to be to us.

Recommendation: Younger audiences might find it humorous and like the movie. Tweens, teens, adults, stay away because I don’t think you’ll like it. The only way I’d go again to the movie is if I was taking a younger kid to the movie, or I’m gettin’ paid. (Or maybe going with my girlfriend)