Presents “Most Awesome – Girlfriend Scare Pranks”!

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28th Sep 2010

Ever hear of Well, now your going to. In the following video, they comprise a few girlfriend scare pranks, that will have you laughing your ass off. They are all real footage, nothing fake or planned. Basically boyfriends pranked their girlfriends, in scary ways for them – but hilarious ways for us! They then film it as it happens, so basically we see what they’re going to use to scare the girls, see the girl wake up to it, and the reactions. It’s really great, haha. So check it out. As most of’s youtube channels video’s, this isn’t too long. Merely a couple minutes, and all worth watching. Haha. So take a look!

If you liked this video, they have many more just like it. Just go to the Youtube’s website, and look them up. Also, for the video above you may have to double click on it any way; which will bring you straight to their channel. It will be right on the right hand side; a bunch of videos that relate to the one you are watching and a lot of break’s videos.

  • MadGuyyy

    ROFL =) funnyy

  • Dragoonk

    HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA =))))))=)))))))) HAHAHAHAH =))))))) ……can’t beluve that dude got in the fridge, and the last one was hahahaha

  • giftarist

    Ha ha. Poor girls.

  • Fornis

    Yeah, that was really funny :)

  • PSingh1990

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  • Ajsta

    Ya those are some funny pranks. When I was little My father had me hind in a box from a recent delivery addressed to my mom. Just as She opened it I jump out and almost scared Her to death.

  • Ethics0006

    It is very funny

  • SuperMember

    great share

  • Tarra B

    my husband would get in big trouble if he scared me like that! Nice share!

  • Marie Milton

    LMAO!!!…They should have a guy prank show!!!…lol

  • sapphirelaws

    LOL! Very funny!

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  • Erin Miller

    Fucking funny!