Brilliant Way to Break Up with Your Girlfriend

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24th Mar 2011

Are you bored of your girlfriend? You have a new girlfriend? And you want to breeze in cool air without her presence? Not even want to imagine her?  What if you have got chance? So here’s you need a qualified break up assistance, right? Now get ready because I brought you so simple and easy way about how to break up with your girlfriend in a brilliant and so easy way.

Now you want to get away from her and you do not know how to do it? I bring you the absolutely perfect manner.

Breakups are hard. But, if you have excellent drawing skills and you can easily draw something like a giraffe and a man, then you can break up such in a highly simplified way.

Simple Meanings:

Dear Janet,

I think we should break up. I can tell you the reason, but I can not really describe my feelings. So right now I want to enjoy a giraffe rid.



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    Beautiful article, I have to say that no string attachments are becoming the thing of modern day lifestyle and many of them have friends with benefits and thus avoid breakups because of that… Its all done with mutual consent and discreetly irrespective of religion, caste or age of the person… Well written….

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    That’s a novel way of doing it. Very imaginative.


    You should stand up for yourself and speak up

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    its just a funny joke, not a real or serious advice

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