Bumper Sticker Dialogues

Published by in Humor
20th Mar 2014

.Every once in a while i catch this zombie parody ‘ Zombieland’ and it never fails to entertain me. The humour in the flick is generated by a boy’s fitness video style take on how to survive a zombie infestation. 

The best thing about this movie is the director moving past any parts that get really sad or mushy or just heavy in any way.. Its light and de-lightful fare for anyone looking to break free of hardcore gore. Woody Harrelson and Bill Murray alone make this movie a real treat. But add to that a few standard issue bumper sticker one liners and this movie becomes too good to miss..

‘You’ve got to enjoy the little things’ says the frizzy haired kid who’s scared of anything that even a person with ocd would find tolerable. Oh probably the only thing a guy would find relatable would be his lifelong desire to brush a girl’s hair over her ear. And it would apply only to guys who are still in their teens.. But this one particular bumper sticker would be applicable to anyone’s life at any point in their life.