Can I Get a Wtf????

You know it’s a tough economy when even Ronald McDonald has hit the skids… 

What truly makes this pic W.T.F. quality material is the delightful combination of a down and out clown, combined with the over-sized shoes, the shopping cart with the cane sticking out the top, and the two kids and their mother in the background standing with looks of forlorn horror upon their otherwise shiny Happy Meal faces.  Such high quality W.T.F. moments are difficult to come by, but this one is indeed of the highest quality.

But fear not Ronald – we most recently received news that the Great Recession actually ended in 2009! So pull yourself together, put out that dastardly smoke, shine up those big clown shoes, clean the matted orange clown hair, and get back in the game!  America needs its Whopper!

Oh, wait – that’s the other guy…


  • OK I pondered visiting your article, because first I thought ”Nah.. noy really” (to your question ”Can I get a wtf?”. But then I thought. Screw it, I gotta see what that article is about and now I know what to say to this..


    Best regards,

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