Can I Get a Wtf???

Published by in Humor
28th Sep 2010

Oh boy.  It would appear this store’s sign has missed the mark just a little bit.  Or perhaps it is attempting to market to a very specific type of buyer.  A very-very specific type of buyer.

If you peer into the products being offered, you see a variety of hats, shirts, and other assorted clothing.  Part of a new “NK” clothing line that hasn’t quite made it big yet?  And for good reason no doubt.  At least the sign is bold and unapologetic regarding its message.  No subliminal advertising to be found here!

At any rate, this photo more than qualifies for a very solid WTF moment, and we congratulate the poor store owner for their seeming inability to understand the critical component of nuance when it comes to advertising.

Can I get a WTF?