Can I Get a Wtf???

A brilliant parody of the Snuggie Blanket!

This is funny on so many levels folks.  We have all grown tired of those seemingly endless Snuggie Blanket commercials that were all over the television throughout last year.  A blanket with sleaves – has it come to this America?

The dialogue utilized in this clip over the actual images of the informercial itself left us laughing out loud and required multiple replays.  The marketing of the Snuggie is indeed among the most perplexing and maddeningly successful cultural phenomenas in recent memory.  Indicating “normal” people struggle with how to put on a regular blanket, the inventors of the Snuggie simply attached sleeves to a regular blanket and declared it something entirely new and fantastic.

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And guess what?  It worked, with over a million of those things sold. So if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired over that damnable Snuggie Blanket, sit back and enjoy the video above.  And when you come to the line that says, “And it helps Grandpa enjoy the O’Reilly Factor” try not to let the milk spew out from your nose!

Can you get a WTF???

Yes you can!

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