Can I Get a WTF?

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19th Oct 2010

Ah yes – when the snow starts to fall, madness also descends upon the people of the world!  We cannot help but give an approving grin at the impish humor that so clearly went behind the making of this little car hood artwork!

No, in this case, the typical three parts snowman was simply not enough.  Look closely now, and you will see a far more impressive snow figure display on this fine snowy day!  Perhaps it was an attempt to warm up the surrounding area?  The work appears to be well done, though we were unable to tell if everything was anatomically correct – or if the cold inflicted the dastardly  shrinkage factor.

At any rate, a first class job on a low-class display earns this photo top billing for today’s WTF moment!

Well done everyone!

  • MaxBuceo

    Nice post… i like it

  • Girl Friday

    that is hilarious! great idea for a winter prank!

  • ShiningStar

    nice written +1

  • margaridab

    WTF! :)


    wtf is a catch word

    but u didn’t get merit

    as a key word

    they change daily

  • Core Boy


  • ercmop


  • cmanjuc

    Great one

  • Bruce Officer

    That’s what we need to cheer up winter: a snow-shagger contest!