Can I Get a Wtf??

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21st Sep 2010

There is so much going on in this photo you cannot help but exclaim, WTF????

First we have the image of a very pregnant women in a bikini surrounded by snow, throwing water over herself.  Hmmm.  Not something you see everyday – at least not ’round what we like to call “normal” parts.

Then we have the two old men sitting and smoking on a bench behind her.  One of the old timers appears oblivious to this WTF scene, whilst the other is just starting to comprehend that fate has brought him a big plate of WTF on this fine winters day.

To say nothing of the fact that it also appears the hedges are in need of some trimming…

Congratulations folks  – you have all been selected as today’s WTF moment!!!

  • Bao Lee


  • ashan1614

    I’ve had more than my share of WTF moments. This one just adds to the list. :)

  • thestickman


  • pattiann

    Good post.

  • Lavender Esther Deborah


  • Sunjhini

    really WTF!!!

  • mitchey179

    Nice, real nice. I like the idea of a WTF moment.

  • Sunjhini

    really WTF

  • Sunjhini

    reallyy WTF

  • god ownz

    WTF? lol… no really :o why???

  • mghattas


  • Netty net

    Ho, you have shake head and think whatever.

  • icyheat

    I wanna say WTF too

  • Anastasia Zoldak

    I love the look on the two guys watching her!

  • TRanC3

    WTF? :) ) very funny

  • zulfiqarali5


  • emo mage305

    wow… Wtf?

  • LewSethics

    I don’t know, looks photoshopped to me. When the chick is magnified she has a white outline around her that the dudes don’t have. I think she was ‘Shopped into the picture.

  • BriannaMorgan

    Wow WFT?