Can R4i 3DS Improve Your Gaming Experience?

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21st Jul 2012

you need to have a perfectly compatible flash card. A good card can take your experience to the very next level transmogrifying your console into a fully functional multimedia device. You need to get a card for your DS console. It is considered as the safest and the most perfect available R4 card. If you are already having a R4 card, upgrade it.

The biggest problems with people using console is lack of proper understanding about the compatibility of card for their Nintendo console. The problem only gets accentuated because of the simultaneous availability of both old and new version of Nintendo DS. If you are also feeling the pinch, it’s better to get R4i 3DS card, as it is compatible with both old and new version of the console.  Moreover, it also supports the latest version of Nintendo that is DS Lite.

Why do you need R4 Card?

It was 2007 when R4 card was first introduced in the market. It became an instant hit. You can find hardly any Nintendo DS user without this card. The basic reason behind the popularity of this card is the fact that it not only enhances the gaming experience, but also transforms your console into much more allowing you to add many extra features to it.

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It complements the stupendous power hidden with Nintendo DS console. In fact, the very success of Nintendo gaming console has something to do with the R4 card. Before it the console market was dominated by Sony’s console PSP. It is this card which led Nintendo to become the highest selling gaming console manufacturer of the industry.

Nintendo is already known for producing high quality gaming console. It is definitely a wise move to shop for it. The upgraded R4i 3DS can make it even more powerful.

Additional features of R4i SDHC Card

There are lots of extra features you can get with this upgraded card. To start with you will have high memory capacity at your disposal. You can find this card with storage capacity from 4 GB to 32 GB. Get a card in accordance with your requirements. As a matter of fact, this is an Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) card.

The mechanical feature of this card is also special. It is produced with a light, but strong plastic. It is strong and ensures durability. Your complex and high-end games will not get crashed in the middle with it. The size of this card is also quite small.

Recently there is huge demand for e-book. Are you also looking to buy a new e-book reader? Take a break. This card will allow your Nintendo DS console to become a perfect e-book reader. Moreover, it can also allow you to enjoy high definition movies and listen to music.

The card is widely available in the market. You can also buy it online from many reputed e-commerce websites like

In a nutshell, R4i DS is an indispensable card for all Nintendo DS users. It is also perfectly compatible with other consoles in the same range. Moreover, it will work perfectly irrespective of the fact that you are having an old version of Nintendo. Indeed it is a wise decision to have this card.

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