Can You Resist Clicking This?

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22nd Sep 2010

HA! You clicked my article! And what’s more: It’s about nothing at all. Oh well.. That’s not the whole truth of course.

This is an experiment that I’ve thought of doing for some time and finally brought to life because of all those “don’t click here” messages that are around websites like Facebook and Twitter these days.

Just to give an example of these websites I’ve got a funny one for you, that you can’t resist clicking. I know this, because you already clicked this one! Don’t worry: I promise you that this won’t harm your computer (or anything for that sake). This website is not one of those that won’t let you go. If you don’t want to be on the site just close the window. Here’s the website: .

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See ? There was nothing to be afraid of! It’s actually quite entertaining. Oh well, that was just an example.

As I mentioned, most people can’t resist clicking things with names like “Don’t click”, “Please don’t enter” “Private, don’t click” eg. And that’s because humans are such curious creatures.

Curiosity is for us about investigating, listening and being attentive to each other – and to each other’s faith. We are eager to gain new insights and learn – both in our interconnectedness and our faith. Curiosity is a prerequisite for development and innovation – and testify that we have the courage to outlook. We use curiosity to discover “new lands” in our work – and in our dealings with each other, and it’s with our curiosity that we challenge our old habits and reflect upon our own and others’ actions and thoughts. Curiosity is about being able to wonder, having the courage to express our doubts and maintain humility in the meeting with another person. Curiosity is life – and expresses that we are vigilant and reflective. Curiosity is a prerequisite for growth and development. With curiosity, we challenge ourselves, our beliefs – and each other.

Therefore you see. Clicking a ridiculous link named “Don’t click here” is something that most people HAS to do. It lies deep within us to discover and gather knowledge about even the most useless things, and it only leads to knowledge and experience. Therefore it’s only good and healty to be curious – as long as you’re not being stupid. Besides that, it is also a challenge which only makes it hard for one to not accept it.

  • pattiann

    Fantastic article. I clicked on your article, but when I’m told that I won a million dollars for the 10th time, I don’t click. I clicked once and got a German virus. I no longer click any website that doesn’t have the green circles by them by my internet security company.

  • sandyy

    tricky one =D

  • BluSphere

    Haha! I’m really glad to hear this, and this is indeed a great comment! It means that my project worked, and of course I wouldn’t be an idiot. I just thought it was a great opportunity for myself to write about curiosity and stuff like that.

    Believe me.. If the article was called “The human are curious”, “The curious creatures, humans” “What is curiosity” or something like that, I wouldn’t have many views :-)

    Thank you again Golchop,

  • webseowriters

    A nice share

  • nobert soloria bermosa

    experience is the best teacher…

  • papaleng

    cool stuff.

  • BluSphere

    Pattiann: I’m happy you clicked my article, and I understand what you mean. There’s a lot of bad guys out there.

    Sandyy, Webseowriters, Papaleng: Thank you very much :-)

    Nobert: I agree.

    Best regards to all of you,

  • Golchop

    Ok. I pondered a long time before I came back to click. You had me. haha
    Good fun. I’m glad you aren’t some prankster that laughed and made fun of the people who clicked.

  • Anuradha Ramkumar

    Both your article and the above comment is very true.

  • BluSphere

    Thank you Anuradha Ramkumar.

  • Eunice Tan

    Unique article. Well done.

  • BluSphere

    Thank you very much Eunice Tan.

    Best regards,

  • Chris Stonecipher

    Very dissapointing:(

  • Chris Stonecipher

    I guess i should have realized that this is more about humor and curiousity. Thanks for sharing. Chris

  • BluSphere

    That’s alright. You’re free to speak your mind. I was just interested in knowing why you were disappointed. Thank you for visiting and explaining.


  • shivedi

    nice one

  • BluSphere

    Thanks Shivedi ;)

  • Boxervaibhav

    Thank you for sharing such a nice post.

  • Jaffa

    God Dammit I got sucked in =D

  • BluSphere

    Haha – My experiment is a succes!
    Thanks for checking my article friend! :-)

    Best regards,

  • BluSphere

    Thank you for leaving such a nice comment! :-)

  • BluSphere

    I agree. Thanks J =)

  • J M Lennox

    Yes, curiosity is powerful. Well done!

  • BluSphere

    Thank you very much QV! I wouldn’t write something just for the title. Hope it was a bit interesting at least.


  • quiet voice

    Well, well, something kind of silly turned into a great piece well worth reading. Thanks much.