Can You Say F*ing Idiots?!

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20th Nov 2010

Who ever thought it was okay to light alcohol on fire was a genius.  Apparently being drunk and lighting it on fire is an even better idea. NOT!!


This is another WTF was he thinking.  It’s like those people who are pumping gas and a little static electricity starts a fire.  Instead of letting go of the gaz nozzle they try to run with it.  What is wrong with people?  Could we be a little more prepared if we are going to try to burn our face off?

This is a very memorable shot.  I would definitly say that if it don’t go well just light your friend on fire.  The guy with the camera is classic but maybe he should be holding a fire extinguisher instead.  What are people thinking when they do these anyways? 

After watching these everyone should have learned that drinking should only be attempted by people who actually have sense enough to know when to stop!  Also playing with fire and alcohol at the same time is as bad as the guy who cooked his own face after lighting a garbage can half full of gasoline because the kids he was with wouldn’t do it.  You can see that video right here:





  • Kuru Tsu

    funny. :)

  • Jerry Bradford aka Jerry Atrixx

    People are stupid. I enjoy the Darwin Awards so that I can revel in the stupidity of others.

    Good article.