Carnival Themed Birthday Party Ideas with Balloons and Confetti for Children’s Parties

Carnival Themes for Kids

It is important to choose great carnival party decorations for your special occasion. This popular theme is very colorful and truly festive. The right ornaments can help to make your event a success. Poor selections will dampen the atmosphere and create a dull mood. With the correct embellishments, any room can be transformed into a space that is filled with life and color.

Carnival Clown

Place Circus Clown Cutouts at Strategic Locations

Many people hire a clown for their festivities. A talented entertainer will capture the attention of both the adults and the children who will be attending. Using large circus clown cutouts near the entrance to the party area will help to build the anticipation. They can be placed in other locations as well to add interest. Smaller carnival cutouts can be used to decorate your walls.

Find the Supplies You Need for Your Celebration

These parties are expected to be a whole lot of fun. Exciting and colorful products are available at a number of brick and mortar stores that specialize in festive occasions. Several online retailers also carry a large selection of unique and interesting goods. You are sure to find items that match the theme you have in mind, whether you are having a party that caters to very young children and their parents or a celebratory affair for older kids.

A wide range of carnival party decorations will be displayed at shops that cater exclusively to event planners. Experienced sales persons can help you to pick the best ones. They will ask questions about the age of the attendees, the number of guests that you expect will be there and the budget you are working with.


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Serve Food to Your Guests in Style

Serve crunchy treats on carnival beverage napkins and similarly decorated cake plates. Paper or plastic cups for water and juice can also be purchased. These tableware are all vividly colored and children will enjoy using them while they are having soda, hot dogs, cotton candy, fried chicken or caramel apples. Other tableware, candy and favors in various colors can be used to emphasize the theme. These are already printed with amusing designs that complement the decorations and entertain visitors.

Save Time and Money by Making Purchases in Bulk

You can save money on great carnival party decorations if you buy them in bulk. Most stores will give you a discount when you purchase a few of the same item. Some stores are packed with all the things you could need for your event and they offer them at reasonable prices. Online retailers will ship your items directly to you. They may even do so at no extra cost.

Carnival Themes for Kids: Create a Festive Atmosphere with Balloons and Confetti

Balloons and confetti are popular at these parties because they are colorful and can be easily adapted to a number of activities and games. Tissue hot air balloons come in a range of sizes. A large one can be used as a focal point in a play area and may measure as much as 41 inches. A balloons and confetti backdrop can be used in a room or outdoors to make it even more fun for children.

Welcome Guests with Canopies, Signs and Banners

A 30 foot pendant banner will definitely draw attention. Happy Birthday signs and canopies come with a special greeting words already printed on them. Some outlets also give their clients the option of printing a personalized message on banners and signs. If you are working with a particular color theme, these can be purchased in the shades that suit your needs. A food banner can be used to pull the guests to your carnival party concessions area.

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