Cause Decreased Enjoyment Coffee

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11th Nov 2012

Drinking hot coffee, especially ground coffee from whole coffee beans, a habit of many people around the world who actually provided the benefits and pleasures of creating and eat right. Coffee is also a natural source of caffeine, in addition to tea and chocolate, which contains nutrients and antoksidan with many benefits.

However, if the coffee brewed wrong way, you will not be able to feel the pleasure of real coffee flavor. Drinking the wrong way also makes you lose the benefits but instead get problems like abdominal bloating or indigestion.

Suparto Siregar, Fresh Food & Beverages Proprietary Sub Division Head, 7-Eleven Indonesia, said that the way to brew and drink coffee affects the flavor and benefits of caffeine in coffee.

Water for brewing

“Coffee brewed at home with water sourced from groundwater may be noticeably different from the brewed coffee at the coffee shop with Osmosis water for example. The quality of water for coffee brewing is affecting taste. Original flavor is lost if brewed coffee with ground water that has not been filtered out of the metal content such as potassium. Metal content in the water to brew coffee is what distinguishes the taste of coffee makers, “explained the man educational background in Food Technology from the Bogor Institute of Agriculture, as a preview of the creation of dispensing coffee at 7-Eleven Matraman Jakarta.

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According Suparto, brewed coffee using ground water that has passed through the screening process, so that the bacteria-free and metal content, would be more enjoyable drink. For example, using the Reverse Osmosis Water that could be owned by every household, not be available at the coffee shop. By using Osmosis water to brew coffee, quality coffee beans taste typical archipelago is maintained.

How to drink

In addition to influencing the way to brew coffee flavors, coffee also affect the way the enjoyment of even the benefits of caffeine in coffee. Caffeine in coffee with antioxidants has many benefits, including:

Good for the heart because the antioxidants in coffee are able to control inflammation (inflammation) in the arteries and increase blood flow. The antioxidants in caffeine also able to activate the nitric acid which acts to increase blood flow in the veins.

Overcoming sleep because caffeine content in coffee is an important element that can control the timing of sleep.

Caffeine can also help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson blessings antioxidants present in coffee which works to increase the neurotransmitter.

Eating two cups of coffee an hour before exercise can also help reduce the risk of muscle pain by 48 percent.

Caffeine also making an inhibition of glutamate in your brain, making you alert and ready to move.

However, coffee can also be bad if taken in the wrong way. The most common impact is felt usually abdominal bloating or indigestion. According Suparto, the adverse effects of coffee is one of them happen because of the habit of drinking coffee is wrong.

“Coffee is oxidized acidic and this would be the cause of abdominal bloating or other digestive problems. Most people just silence diseduhnya coffee. Drinking coffee while working and indirect spend. But let it go and accompany during work, taken back after a few minutes, “he said.

Suparto suggested, to avoid coffee is not oxidized, coffee makers immediately while warm, no more than 15 minutes. Besides the coffee getting cold, the coffee consumption of more than 15 minutes after it is brewed, the benefits of caffeine in coffee disappeared.