Caution! Viewing This Material May Make You Laugh!

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23rd Aug 2010

Caution! Viewing this material may make you laugh!


Sometimes I can’t explain how I feel and that’s not cool.  I could at least make up something, like I feel like a turkey or a can of potted meat.  I can not seem to get that song I feel like a monster out of my head, please make it stop.  No I’m serious please make it stop.

If I have to watch another soap opera I’m going to throw up.  There’s just so many of them on TV every day but the weekend.  And then I’m never happier see golf or tennis in my life.  So I’m not looking forward to Monday where her daughter finds out her boyfriend slept with her mother.  Give me a break!  Yea think they could have hidden that secret a little bit longer, yea right!  You have to wait another 2 weeks to find if her daughter ever gets the truth.

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I know let’s play easy movie give away.  Who says this “Hurry! Get to da choppa!” or “Who is your daddy and what does he do?”  I bet you can’t guess who that is. 

Something sure stinks around here.  Oh wait that’s me, my bad.  Don’t you just hate it when your friends let one rip and let you vast in the ambient.  Well I did that to my friend and his dad one day and I never seen a truck drive by itself before.

I hate when my feet get cold at night so I always wear socks to bed and stick my feet under the covers because I’m afraid the monster is going to grab my feet and pull me under there.  Like that’s going to work because the monster can’t see my feet anymore.

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