Celebrities and The Paranormal; Cher, Joan Collins & Michael Anthony Hall Tell All

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24th Nov 2015

Celebrities entertain, inspire and invoke us with the impossible dream, that it is possible to become famous for scandalous acts, fashion, and the act of appearing at times to be demigods. These gifted people possess human characteristics just like anyone else, and despite having a really big bank account, live in much the same way as any normal person would, with the exception of the paparazzi being a permanent extension of the celebrities existence. These talented people who are in the business of entertaining their fans are apparently just as loved by ghosts as they are by society when you consider the amount of celebrities that have been coming forth with harrowing ghost tales involving frightening, strange and playful encounters with visitors from the other side. A few of these celebrities have decided to share their story with us, perhaps in the hope that it will bring people together in a positive way in an otherwise chaotic world.


Cher is a fashion trend setter with multimedia success who love’s ghosts and even prefers them to some people. The Goddess of pop believes that her deceased ex-husband Sonny Bono haunts her 41 million dollar Malibu mansion that was once featured in Archictectural Digest, and that he sometimes plays tricks on her. Known for her contralto singing voice, the actress and singer is surrounded by beauty, including an elegant chandelier that Sonny finds just as beautiful, because he just can’t help himself from making it light up at different times of the day and night, even when the power is off. Cher is aware that many people do not believe in paranormal stuff, but after living with a prankster ghost that plays with the lights, the star claims that Sonny’s ghost being with her is a totally peaceful feeling and not something to be feared.

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Joan Collins

During a dinner party with friends, actress Joan Collins is frightened by an angry ghost who demonstrates her fury by throwing objects across the drawing room. The quiet evening turned on a dime when Joan’s friend came running into the dining room after being startled by the site of a murder-scene of a chalk body outline in silver foil-covered almond candies on the floor in the a joining drawing room. Joan and her guests followed the startled dinner guest to see what she was so upset about. While Joan and her guests attempted to determine who had played such a terrible joke on them, the butler claimed that the body outline was the exact location of where the woman in the portrait hanging directly above the staged scene had succumbed to death. During the event a huge knife came flying past Joan and her guests and bolted straight for a wall, stabbing into the expensive wood with little effort at all. Next, a large elegant ceramic pot pivoted across the floor as if tossed by a contestant in the strong man contest pumped up on energy drinks. Joan states that she was terrified. The butler tells the frightened group that the woman in the picture had been stabbed to death by her husband because he had thought that she cheated on him and that the murdered woman didn’t want people tramping about in the palazzo where she had so dramatically lost her life.