Challenges for Personal Growth and Writing Motivation

Alright then, I’m moving on to the next step in my own writing endeavour, and therefore am giving myself some challenges for this site, for the month of August. In the long run though, I’m not going to limit these challenges to just THIS site, but for all the other sites I’m registered at. I figured, these challenges can only do good and wonderful things for me in terms of growth and depth in my writing. So, for starters, I’m going to do them here, and then expand.

Here are my challenges to myself for the month of August:

1)      Make a post or several for EVERY category on this site. There are 26 categories on ths site, and I’ve made posts in about half of them, such as art, food, humor,  health, music, reviews, entertainment (movies and television), articles, personal, news, ideology and miscellaneous sections. Yeah, I might have made up some of those categories, but here they have other names, There are about half where I haven’t made posts yet. The reason is simple: I don’t know anything or enough about the topics in each of these categories to feel confident enough to write anything about them. It’s so hard!! My biggest challenges will be the tech, politics and trading categories, followed by science and business. But, difficult does not mean impossible. And if I don’t know anything about these topics yet, then I can do research on them, and gain enough knowledge to start writing about them. I need substance, and I appreciate the Internet so much for existing so I can do related searches and get the knowledge. So, challenge is accepted and ready to begin!

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2)      Make 10 posts per day – Another hard challenge. There are only so many hours in the day, and personal life as well as work takes top priority. My biggest hindrance will be having the time to type up the posts. I actually have lots of ideas and inspirations still to write about, but sometimes – aside from time – I feel tired and/or lazy to type them up. Then I sleep, and the next thing I know, the day has passed, the posts are not made, and a new day begins. I think I can do the 10 posts in A DAY though, just not EVERY DAY. Well, it’s a start. Challenge accepted.

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