Change – The Inevitable in Life

Published by in Humor
16th Dec 2011

Change is most important for everything in the world. Well coming to our life change plays very vital role.  From our birth to death every minute and every day is making to feel us to live only because of the changes occurring during our life time. If there is no change life will become very bore.

Change is inevitable in life, where we can’t stop it. Just we need to understand all the obstacles or disappointments and happiness whatever is the situation everything is going to change. So we need to enjoy the movement where we are feeling happy, up to the peak and need to just ignore the worries where we are feeling unhappy. Just need to keep that in mind change is inevitable and we cannot avoid. As a normal human beings we are tend to get excited for the situation. But to make our life happy its better we think in a positive way and wait for the change instead get depressed. Sometimes we need to use our brain rather than heart. Then we won’t get too much pain and we will get some way to come out of our problems. We are not here to punish our self or others. We are blessed with great gift that is smile. Don’t forget that. A small curve on lips gives you great relief. So be happy and keep rocking.

  • Yvhes P.

    very nice article. well written and expressed. thanks for sharing.

  • megamatt09

    Change is inevitable.

  • sanataryal

    Chandra , great post . It has been explained that change has to be adopted to achieve something . Best of luck .